Source: De principiis

Theophrastus, author

Isḥāq b. Ḥunayn, translator

Theophr. Princ. = Theophrastus: De principiis. Theophrasti de prima philosophia libellus. Ref. to ed. Gutas (v. infra), giving | page | a/b | line | divisions as in ed. H. Usener (Bonnae 1890–91).

> Maqālat Ṯāwufrasṭus fī Mā baʿd al-ṭabīʿa.

¶ Dimitri Gutas: Theophrastus De principiis (known as his Metaphysics), Greek text and medieval Arabic translation, ed. and transl. Leiden, Boston: E. J. Brill, 2010. — Ref. to | page | . line |.

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