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  1. ﻥ‎ﻥ‎آ‎ [ʾnn]
  2. ﺏ‎ [b]
  3. ي‎ﺭ‎ﺝ‎ [ǧry]
  4. ﺏ‎ﺱ‎ﺡ‎ [ḥsb]
  5. ﻝ‎و‎ﺡ‎ [ḥwl]
  6. ك‎ﻝ‎ﺫ‎ [ḏlk]
  7. ﻩ‎ﺏ‎ﺵ‎ [šbh]
  8. ﺭ‎ﻩ‎ﻅ‎ [ẓhr]
  9. ﺽ‎ﺭ‎ﻉ‎ [ʿrḍ]
  10. و‎ﻝ‎ﻉ‎ [ʿlw]
  11. [f]
  12. ﺩ‎ﻕ‎ [qd]
    • ‏قد‎ (particle) Arist. Poet. ka-mā anna ... qad ...
      ὥσπερ γὰρ καὶ χρώμασι καὶ σχήμασι πολλὰ μιμοῦνταί τινες ἀπεικάζοντες Arist. Poet. 1, 1447a19 = ka-mā anna l-nāsa qad yušabbihūna bi-alwānin wa-aškālin kaṯīran wa-yuḥākūna ḏālika 220.11
    • ‏قد‎ (particle) Galen Med. phil.
  13. ﺱ‎ي‎ﻕ‎ [qys]
  14. ك‎ [k]
  15. آ‎ﻡ‎ك‎ [kmʾ]
  16. ﻝ‎ [l]
  17. آ‎ﻡ‎ [mʾ]
  18. ﻝ‎ﺙﻡ‎ [mṯl]
  19. ﻝ‎ﺯ‎ﻥ‎ [nzl]
  20. آ‎ﺫ‎ك‎ﻩ‎ [hkḏʾ]
  21. ﺩ‎ﺝ‎و‎ [wǧd]

Translation process scheme for ὥσπερ

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