Lookup cumulative lexical entry: ἐνδέχομαι

  1. ي‎ﻍ‎ﺏ‎ [bġy]
  2. ﺯ‎و‎ﺝ‎ [ǧwz]
  3. ﻅ‎و‎ﺝ‎ [ǧwẓ]
  4. ﻝ‎ﻡ‎ﺡ‎ [ḥml]
  5. ﻝ‎و‎ﺩ‎ [dwl]
  6. آ‎و‎ﻁ‎ [ṭwʾ]
  7. ﻉ‎و‎ﻁ‎ [ṭwʿ]
  8. ﻕ‎و‎ﻁ‎ [ṭwq]
  9. ي‎ﺱ‎ﻉ‎ [ʿsy]
  10. ﻝ‎ﻉ‎ﻑ [fʿl]
  11. ﺭ‎ﺩ‎ﻕ‎ [qdr]
  12. ﻥ‎و‎ك‎ [kwn]
    • ‏كان‎ (verb I) Arist. Phys. yumkinu an yakūna
      οὐσίαν δὲ ἄπειρον εἶναι ἢ ποιότητα ἢ πάθος εἶναι οὐκ ἐνδέχεται εἰ μὴ κατὰ συμβεβηκός Arist. Phys. I 2, 185b1 = fa-ammā ǧawharun ġayru mutanāhin aw kayfiyyatun aw aṯarun fa-laysa yumkinu an yakūna llāhumma illā bi-ṭarīqi l-ʿaraḍi 11.5
  13. ﻥ‎ك‎ﻡ‎ [mkn]
  14. ك‎ﻝ‎ﻡ‎ [mlk]
  15. ﻉ‎ﺽ‎و‎ [wḍʿ]
  16. ﻉ‎ﻕ‎و‎ [wqʿ]

Translation process scheme for ἐνδέχομαι

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