Lookup cumulative lexical entry: πάρειμι

  1. ﺭ‎ﺽ‎ﺡ‎ [ḥḍr]
  2. ﻝ‎و‎ﺡ‎ [ḥwl]
  3. ﻡ‎و‎ﺩ‎ [dwm]
  4. ﻝ‎ﺏ‎ﺱ‎ [sbl]
  5. ﻉ‎و‎ﺱ‎ [swʿ]
  6. آ‎ي‎ﺵ‎ [šyʾ]
  7. ﺽ‎ﺭ‎ﻉ‎ [ʿrḍ]
  8. و‎ﻝ‎ﻉ‎ [ʿlw]
  9. ﻥ‎ﻥ‎ﻑ [fnn]
  10. ﺭ‎ﺩ‎ﻕ‎ [qdr]
  11. ﺏ‎ﺭ‎ﻕ‎ [qrb]
  12. ي‎ﻥ‎ﻕ‎ [qny]
  13. ﻥ‎و‎ك‎ [kwn]
  14. ﻝ‎ [l]
  15. ﻉ‎ﻡ‎ [mʿ]
  16. ﻥ‎ﻡ‎ [mn]
  17. ﻩ‎ [h]
  18. آ‎ﺫ‎ﻩ‎ [hḏʾ]
    • ‏هذا‎ (pronoun) Galen An. virt. πρὸς ... τὸν παρόντα λόγον = fī kalāmī hāḏā
      πρὸς δὲ τὸν παρόντα λόγον ὑπόθεσιν λαβόντες <τὸ> ἀλλοιοῦσθαί τε τὴν οὐσίαν ἡμῶν Galen An. virt. 46.17 = wa-ammā fī kalāmī hāḏā fa-innī lammā ttaḫaḏtu aṣlan anna ǧawharanā yataġayyaru 20.14
    • ‏هذا‎ (pronoun) Galen An. virt. εἰς τὸ παρόν = fī hāḏā l-fanni
  19. و‎ﻥ‎ﻩ‎ [hnw]
  20. ﺩ‎ﺝ‎و‎ [wǧd]
  21. ﻉ‎ﺽ‎و‎ [wḍʿ]
  22. ﺕ‎ﻕ‎و‎ [wqt]
  23. ﻉ‎ﻕ‎و‎ [wqʿ]

Translation process scheme for πάρειμι

Explanation: This diagram displays the translation process for one word, starting from the authors and their texts, which are then translated by different persons into different forms. To highlight all the connections of one node, click on one of the vertical bars.

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