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  1. آ‎ﻝ‎ﺏ‎ [blʾ]
  2. ﻉ‎ﻡ‎ﺝ‎ [ǧmʿ]
  3. ﺝ‎ﺭ‎ﺥ‎ [ḫrǧ]
  4. ﻝ‎ﺥ‎ﺩ‎ [dḫl]
  5. و‎ﻝ‎ﺩ‎ [dlw]
  6. ﻝ‎ﺱ‎ﺭ‎ [rsl]
  7. و‎ﻁ‎ﻉ‎ [ʿṭw]
    • ‏اعطى‎ (verb IV) Arist. Eth. Nic. τοῦ προϊεμένου = li-llaḏī aʿṭā
      τὴν ἀξίαν δὲ ποτέρου τάξαι ἐστί, τοῦ προϊεμένου ἢ τοῦ προλαβόντος Arist. Eth. Nic. IX 1, 1164a23 = wa-li-ayyihimā yanbaġī an takūna martabatu l-istiʾhāli li-llaḏī aʿṭā an yakūna ka-l-amri lladī aḫaḏa 483.5
    • ‏اعطى‎ (verb IV) Arist. Eth. Nic.
      οἱ ... δι' αὐτοὺς προϊέμενοι Arist. Eth. Nic. IX 1, 1164a35 = inna llaḏīna yuʿṭūna ḏālika min aǧli ḏātihim 483.12
  8. ﻝ‎ [l]
  9. ﻥ‎ﺱ‎ﻝ‎ [lsn]
  10. ي‎ﻕ‎ﻝ‎ [lqy]
  11. ﺩ‎ﺩ‎ﻡ‎ [mdd]
  12. ﻝ‎ﺯ‎ﻥ‎ [nzl]

Translation process scheme for προίημι

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