Lookup cumulative lexical entry: متساوٍ

  1. ἀναλογία
  2. ἄνισος
  3. διαφέρω
  4. ἰσοβαρής
  5. ἰσογώνιος
  6. ἰσόδρομος
  7. ἰσοδυναμέω
  8. ἰσόμοιρος
  9. ἰσόπλευρος
  10. ἴσος
  11. ἰσοσκελής
  12. ἰσότης
  13. ὁμογενής
  14. ὁμόγονος
  15. ὁμοεθνής
  16. ὅμοιος
  17. ὁμόφωνος

Translation process scheme for متساوٍ

Explanation: This diagram displays the translation background of one arabic word, displaying the various greek forms and the occurrence in the sources, which are then grouped by author. To highlight all the connections of one node, click on one of the vertical bars.

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