Abbreviations: A

  • abs.
    absolute: a word used by itself
  • acc.
  • act. part.
    active participle
  • add.
    addit; added, addition
  • adj.
  • adv.
  • affirm.
  • Afnan
    Soheil M. Afnan: A Philosophical lexicon in Persian and Arabic = Wāža-nāma-i falsafī: qāmūs-i falsafī-i fārsī-ʿarabī. Beirut 1969.
  • amplif.
    amplification, when the Arabic text amplifies the meaning implicit in the Greek by the use of more than one word.
  • app.
    apparatus criticus
  • Arab.
    the Greek text as reflected by the Arabic translation; see vol. I, p. 8*.
  • Arist. Rhet.
    Aristoteles: Ars rhetorica
  • arithm.
    arithmetic, arithmetical

Abbreviations (in alphabetical order)

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